standard eye examination

Our fee for a standard eye examination is

comprehensive eye examination

Recent advances in technology for examining eyes for various diseases such as macula degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and hypertension (and many other eye diseases) have meant that, in order to provide the best possible care for our patients, we have made a very large investment in a number of state of the art instruments.

This includes a high resolution retinal camera, the fastest medical standard visual field screener, and the latest Optical CT Scan (OCT). This sophisticated equipment allows us to detect the most common eye diseases at the earliest possible stage so they can be treated early and subsequently prevent major loss of vision and even blindness.

Unfortunately Medicare and health funds have not kept up with this technology and consequently it is not fully subsidised which means that we need to charge a relatively small consultation fee to contribute to the cost of providing this equipment.

A fully comprehensive eye examination is $184 however you may receive a refund from Medicare of up to around 30% of this depending on various factors such as your age, when you had your last examination, and whether part of the examination is required as indicated by the results of the remainder of the examination.

The comprehensive examination is comprised of the following except Computerised Perimetry which can only be claimed if the test is indicated:

STANDARD CONSULTATION – $89  (Medicare rebate $62.15 or $31.15)

Includes vision testing, tonometry (eye pressures) and basic examination of front and back of the eye.

COMPUTERISED PERIMETRY – $89 (Medicare rebate $59.30 if indicated by other exam results).


OPTICAL CT SCAN (OCT) – $95 (no Medicare rebate)