Just the same as your doctor, we offer Medicare electronic claiming. It’s a fast, secure system that allows you to make your Medicare claim at our practice when you pay your account.

Our receptionist lodges your claim with Medicare Australia either through our EFTPOS terminal using your EFTPOS card or through a secure internet connection. With either system your claim will be paid into your nominated bank account, saving you a trip to a Medicare office and the hassle of filling in forms.

how does it work?

If we use the EFTPOS based claiming system using your EFTPOS card, your rebate will be paid into nominated cheque or savings account almost immediately. Just remember to bring your EFTPOS card with you when you come to your appointment.

Most of the time we use the internet based claiming system, and your rebate will be paid into your nominated cheque or savings account within two to three working days. To begin claiming this way, you just need to provide Medicare Australia with the details of the bank account you’d like your rebate paid into (if you haven’t already).

how do I register my bank details with medicare?

You can register your bank details by calling 132 011, in person at a Medicare office, or online at www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/online

Remember to have your Medicare card and bank account details (BSB, account number and account name) with you when you register. You can advise Medicare any time your details change.

what happens if I’m bulk billed?

If we bulk bill the consultation, nothing changes.

will my privacy be protected?

Yes. All information sent electronically between our practice and Medicare Australia is securely encrypted.

Financial institutions are not permitted to collect or store any health information. The only information that will appear on your statement are the words ‘Medicare’ or ‘Medicare Rebate’, a reference number and the rebate amount that’s paid into your account.

Your account details are stored at a high level of security, just like they are at the Australian Tax Office.