introducing the latest in multifocal technology

The new Varilux X Series now available from optoMED

With new Varilux X Series progressive lenses you no longer need to move your head to find the “sweet spots” in the lens. Xtend technology allows you to extend your vision within arm’s length like never before. Watch the video below for more information.

have you ever experienced the following

  • multiple days spent trying to adapt to your new progressive lenses?
  • wishing the area of clear vision at arm’s length was wider?
  • had to alter your head position to try and find the “sweet spots” in your lens in order to see clearly?
  • lack of fluidity when changing focus from distance to near?
  • awkward head movements looking at different objects when driving?

If you answered YES to any of these then don’t delay. Come into optoMED and ask us about how Varilux X Series progressive lenses can change your vision.