Ever worry when you’re having your eye examination that you’re going to give the wrong answers to your optometrist and end up with an inaccurate spectacle prescription? Many people feel the same way as you and in fact it does often happen with a traditional eye test. That’s because in a lot of cases the question… “is it better 1 or 2” is only asked once for every lens change which can often lead to the wrong lens choice.

Some optometrists only provide very short appointments and are sometimes too busy to verify your answer to “which is better?” more than just the once. They may have an outdated manual lens changer and it just takes too much time to check your answers more than once.

The state of the art Nidek Automated Refraction System at optoMED is extremely accurate in determining your spectacle prescription. In fact it’s almost impossible to make a mistake which means that the vision with your new glasses will be as sharp and clear as possible the first time avoiding unnecessary remakes. The reason for this is because an automated eye test allows the optometrist to double and triple check your answers in the same time it takes the old system to check your answers just once.

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