An Optical CT scan or OCT scan stands for “Optical Coherence Tomography”. It is similar to the CT scan or CAT scan that most people have heard of except it has been specifically designed for imaging the soft tissue of the eye using low coherence light to capture multi-dimensional images.

It allows your optometrist to capture cross sectional images of your retina located at the back of your eye. Using a completely eye safe scanning laser, the layers of the optic nerve, macula and retina can be analysed which plays an extremely important role in the diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic eye disease as well as many other little known eye conditions.

The procedure is completely harmless, non-invasive, and takes only a few minutes. The results are available immediately, and even if nothing is found, the results provide a valuable baseline for your optometrist to monitor your eye health over time, especially as your eyes age and are more susceptible to disease.

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